It is high time farmers dropped their action against the country’s beef processing industry, according to FTAI Ireland (FTAI), to protect the country’s intricate and interconnected supply chain. In response to the news this week that farmers must cease all protest activity before the agreement between the farm and meat industries on beef pricing and

Brexit Update

The fallout from the UK decision to leave the EU will have profound consequences for all stakeholders involved. The full extent of these consequences will take months, even years, to emerge. However, what is absolutely clear is that the European country to be impacted most by Brexit, perhaps even more than the UK itself, is

Hauliers must advance their Brexit preparations, says FTAI

With only three months to go until Brexit, hauliers should take immediate action to advance their preparations or risk increased delays, red tape and costs in doing future business, according to FTA Ireland (FTAI), the leading organisation representing the country’s logistics industry. The advice comes as FTAI launches its guide, Brexit preparedness for the haulage

FTAI Transport Manager Seminar back and bigger than ever

Does your business operate commercial vehicles as part of its everyday business?  If so, make sure you are up to speed with the very latest developments in vehicle operations and legislation, Brexit and logistics in general, by attending the Freight Transport Association Ireland’s Transport Manager Seminar.  This year’s event, which is expected to be a

Draft Brexit agreement would keep Ireland trading, says FTAI

FTA Ireland (FTAI), the body which represents the country’s logistics industry, has reacted positively to the draft withdrawal agreement presented by Theresa May to the UK Parliament today (15 November), believing that its contents will assist the transition to a future frictionless trading environment, while boosting confidence and certainty. “Ireland would be the most negatively