Established since 2004, Transpoco is a leading provider of fleet telematics solutions. In the industry for over a decade, the company commenced with GPS tracking and has expanded its capability by including driver style, fuel efficiency and field service management, bringing a synchronised solution to fleet management and a safer environment for your drivers. Thanks

TIP Trailer Services

At TIP Trailer Services, with more than 70 branches located throughout 16 countries, we provide a range of services for transportation and logistics customers. We specify, source, finance, maintain, manage and remarket the equipment through our experienced teams. We offer value-added services which customers can combine to best suit their needs. We are a one-stop-shop


Stratum is an investor driven company, that has grown from little acorns to deliver solutions spanning Europe. Stratum is processing 100’s of millions of Euro of business for its customers, we expect to process over half a billion Euro of business for our customers in 2014. Stratum provides a financial driven technology that focuses in

Northgate Vehicle Hire

Businesses large and small choose flexible vehicle hire from Northgate as the alternative to purchase, contract hire or lease. Over the whole life of your vehicles, flexible rental can save you money. Northgate’s all inclusive package includes everything from servicing, maintenance, tyres, breakdown and recovery and replacement vehicles. We can also provide vehicles to any specification you


Established in 2002, NIBC simplify your mobile communications & add value to your business with their fleet management solutions. Their main objective is to give you the best communication & operational tools for your business, providing you with valuable information to help make improvements in both efficiency and profit. NIBC have developed Track Smart & Fuel Smart

Map Mechanics

Mapmechanics is the UK’s leading specialist in logistics software, scheduling optimisation and location-based planning and analysis. We help clients to gain efficiencies within their existing processes; to find new business opportunities; and to reduce the cost of new business. We own leading optimisation software brands Truckstops vehicle routing system and Optisite for supply chain planning, modelling & analysis and